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Family Program Blog

Family Program Blog

Paper or online?

Posted by Ann Fons on 10/18/17

This week at Family Program we answered a couple of your questions on the structure and order of the Bible.  As I watched families doing an activity related to this, I noticed one resourceful family on their cell phones.  They had forgotten to bring along the Bible we gave ... Read More »

Read with your heart, not just your mind

Posted by Ann Fons on 10/03/17

“Read with your heart, not just your head,” Mary Matestic advised parents at Family Program.  She was speaking about reading the Bible, of course.  Her talk provided a broad overview of Biblical themes and stories, which will help families delve into the Bible this year, but the advice about ... Read More »

A Gift for Your Family!

Posted by Ann Fons on 9/21/17

Have you ever received a particularly memorable gift?  Perhaps it was something that had layers of meaning.  At our first Family Program of the year, our high school coordinator, Rebekah Melcher, told us about a gift she received from her mother; a Bible.  This gift continues to be especially ... Read More »

God Revealed in Truth, Beauty, Goodness

Posted by Ann Fons on 8/08/17


Have you had some fun family nights recently?  Summer is a good time for family nights; even the Green Bay Packers hold one!  This weekend my husband, Jerry and I went to Green Bay and attended Family Night.  It was fun to see the players with their moms ... Read More »

Ordinary Time

Posted by Ann Fons on 6/29/17

Did you know it is not just Summer now?  It is also the Liturgical Season of Ordinary Time.  You may remember a couple years ago when we did an activity about the Liturgical Year at Family Program. We noted that just as our family calendars reflect our lives, who we are, what ... Read More »

Where are your Easter Baskets?

Posted by Ann Fons on 5/18/17

Have you put away your Easter baskets?  By this time, 5 weeks after Easter, I am betting that most of you would respond, "Of course!"  But the Church tells us it is still Easter Season!  Every time I notice one of the little Easter decorations I still have out at ... Read More »


Posted by Ann Fons on 4/27/17

ALLELUIA! He is Risen! Thank you to all who sent in photos of your Family Program bulb! The staff has enjoyed seeing them.  We also enjoyed watching our bulbs grow before Easter.  Did you track the way it grew?  I gave one to my mom and she did; you ... Read More »

Preparing for Holy Week

Posted by Ann Fons on 3/23/17

At Family Program we prepared for Holy Week by recalling the special liturgies we will celebrate that week. We began with a song with motions led by several of the teens.  We recalled the Holy Thursday liturgy by sharing a roll, and the Good Friday liturgy by creating a cross ... Read More »

All the Ways We've Prayed!

Posted by Ann Fons on 3/09/17

On March 5th & 6th we shared feedback from the Prayer Fair.  You can see that here.   We also remembered all the ways we've prayed this year.  Enjoy the slideshow again here.

Considering all the ways we've prayed, we wondered how we've grown.  Families discussed and shared their ... Read More »

God was Praised!

Posted by Ann Fons on 2/23/17

God was indeed praised at Family Program during our Prayer Fair!  

  What an amazing experience it was to see over 1,000 people of all ages praying and praising God in multiple ways! Over 35 families prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet or a Rosary of candles;  many enjoyed a ... Read More »


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