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A Bit of Our History Comes Alive in the Gathering Space

Posted by Arthur Scheuber on 5/22/17

The beautiful stained glass windows pictured now hang in our Gathering Space.

The windows were originally installed in our mission church nearly 100 years ago. The church was then purchased as a home in 1963 when the church was abandoned. Recently the old church was sold and the new owners inquired ... Read More »

He Lives - From the Easter Homily

Posted by Anthony Zimmer on 4/18/17

Enjoy the video shown on Easter Sunday.  #BecauseHeLives

I Have A Dream by Dennis Petrie

Posted by Ben Brzeski on 4/13/17

I have a dream…..     

that parishioners with different views will come to our Common Ground Listening Session on May 17 at 6:30pm in St. Anthony Hall

I hope it’s not too bold of me to catch your attention with the famous words of Dr. Martin Luther King.   But, to ... Read More »

Join Us For Deacon Talk! by Dennis Petrie

Posted by Ben Brzeski on 4/13/17

Join us for Deacon Talk!           

With Mike and Sue Finley and Dennis and Mary Petrie

The staff received lots of positive feedback about the Teaching Mass, and some people suggested that other information sessions about different aspects of the Church be offered.  So, we thought you might be ... Read More »

The Easter Journey, by Kathie Amidei

Posted by Ben Brzeski on 4/13/17

“You never meet the risen Christ without getting a job.”

(Cardinal Daniel DiNardo)

 I love this quote… sort of…

Easter was so much simpler and held less responsibility in my childhood. I was reminiscing recently that my childhood Easter was about shopping for a new hat, dress, shoes, and ... Read More »

Meet our Trustees

Posted by Anthony Zimmer on 4/07/17

After multiple terms of generous service to our faith community, our current trustees, Bill Hoile and Bruce Miller will be concluding their terms this Summer. Our Trustee Secretary, Bruce Miller’s term will be concluding on June 30 of this year. And while our Trustee Treasurer, Bill Hoile’s term will ... Read More »

Succession Plan...Pastoral Council/Standing Committee/Trustee Nominations

Posted by Anthony Zimmer on 3/14/17

As many of you know, every year at this time, our parish conducts its annual process of bringing new members to our Pastoral Council and our Standing Committees. This year we will be looking for four new members to replace the vacancies that have opened up. In the past our parish ... Read More »

Sacred Struggle

Posted by Laurie Polkus on 3/07/17

The Lord works in wondrous ways. While searching for the piano accompaniment for a song last Advent, I stumbled upon a song in our hymnal titled “Gracious God.” The text intrigued me, the melody was lovely and written in a key that seemed very congregationally friendly, but it was ... Read More »


Posted by Anthony Zimmer on 2/09/17

Congratulations Bishops-Elect Jeff Haines and Jim Schuerman! I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am to hear that my good friends and schoolmates, Jeff Haines and Jim Schuerman, have been asked, and have accepted the call to serve as our new Auxiliary Bishops! I echo the sentiments ... Read More »

They liked us…they really liked us!

Posted by Laurie Polkus on 1/26/17

Based on all the feedback and kind words that have come our way, the Teaching Mass was a success! It was very interesting to hear the growth and enthusiasm in the responses and participation during Mass as we explained the “whys” and “wherefores” of why we do what we ... Read More »


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