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Book Read

Book Read

Summer Book Read – 2016:  3 Books - one a Papal Exhortation

Book Discussions will be held in The Fire Place Lounge off the Church gathering Space on Thursday evenings. The discussion will begin at 6:30PM and will end by 8:00PM. The schedule is: 

September 15, 2016: The Joy of Love: On Love in the Family. The Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia  by Pope Francis

September 22, 2016: Inner Compass: An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality by Ms. Margaret Silf    

September 29, 2016:  Racial Justice and the Catholic Church by Rev. Bryan N. Massingale, S.T.D. 

All are welcome to attend the discussions; those who have read the books or those who are interested in the topic. The discussions are facilitated.

For more information contact Jim Muraski via emailjtmuraski@wi.rr.com or cell 773-251-5004 (leave message please) or Maureen Michaels 262-691-9170 or michaelsm@stanthony.cc.

Book Read Information Sheet 

Inner Compass: An Invitation to Ignatian Spirituality 

by Ms. Margaret Silf   

Whatever path you’re on, God is there to guide you. Anyone seeking to deepen his or her relationship with God will greatly benefit from Inner Compass, Margaret Silf’s dynamic presentation of the profound insights of St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises. While reflective, the work exudes a congenial, practical outlook and a thoroughly modern sensibility. As Silf points out, the book “grew out of questions rather than certainty, discovery rather than doctrine, the experience of everyday living rather than academic study.” This tenth-anniversary edition of the acclaimed Inner Compass features a new introduction and personal invitation to the reader, plus a significantly expanded resource section. Devoted followers of Ignatian spirituality and spiritual seekers alike will find that wherever life has led them; Inner Compass offers renewed direction and purpose, and helps them recognize the will of God within their own hearts. 

 The Joy of Love: On Love in the Family The Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia  by Pope Francis

The Joy of Love (Amoris Laetitia) brings together the results of the two Synods on the Family convoked by Pope Francis in 2014 and 2015. Striking for its breadth and detail and firmly grounded in the challenges of family experiences, the Joy of Love (Amoris Laetitia) affirms the rich and complex reality of family life with pastoral care - speaking the language of experience and hope. Pope Francis reaches out to married couples, parents, and children in a spirit of accompaniment, asking everyone to read slowly, paying special attention to what applies most to our different needs. The Joy of Love (Amoris Laetitia) is truly remarkable for its practical and concrete suggestions. It also challenges us to be understanding in the face of complex and painful situations. 

 Racial Justice and the Catholic Church

by Rev. Bryan N. Massingale, S.T.D.   Professor, Marquette University

Confronting racism is difficult but essential work if we are to heal the brokenness in our society and our church. In the author's words, "We all are wounded by the sin of racism... How can we struggle together against an evil that harms us all?" The book examines the presence of racism in America from its early history through the Civil Rights Movement and the election of Barack Obama. It also explores how Catholic social teaching has been used—and not used--to promote reconciliation and justice.  Massingale writes from an abiding conviction that the Catholic faith and the black experience make essential contributions in the continuing struggle against racial injustice that is the work of all people. His book is essential reading for all those concerned with justice and healing in our world.


 Fr. Bryan N. Massingale received his doctorate in moral theology from the Academia Alphonsianum (Rome). He specializes in social ethics and teaches courses on Catholic Social Thought, African American religious ethics, liberation theologies, and racial justice. His book, “Racial Justice and the Catholic Church” (Orbis, 2010), received a First Place book award from the Catholic Press Association.  He is also the recipient of Marquette University’s highest award for teaching excellence (2009).  In addition to his academic pursuits, Fr. Massingale is a noted authority on issues of social and racial justice, having addressed numerous national Catholic conferences and lectured at colleges and universities across the nation.  He has served as a consultant to the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, providing theological assistance on issues such as criminal justice, capital punishment, environmental justice, and affirmative action.

Closer to home, Fr. Bryan spoke at St. Anthony on the Lake during Lent in 2014 to a packed-house for the SOUP AND SUBSTANCE series.