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Panel Discussion on Drug Abuse Prevention

Panel Discussion on Drug Abuse Prevention

Save the Date and Submit Your QuestionsPanel on Drug Abuse Prevention at St. Anthony on the Lake

Sunday April 29th, 10:30 till Noon
St. Anthony Parish Life Center 

Parents, please attend with your children, 6th grade and older. Grandparents and other adult family members invited also. Sponsored by Family Program and St. Anthony Common Ground Team.

*Call or email Kathy Paro at parok@stanthony.cc to register for childcare (Grade 5 or younger).

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Prior Listening Sessions held by the St. Anthony Common Ground team and Family Program indicate a top concern of MANY people in the Parish is the present Drug Abuse Epidemic.

In response, we will hold a Panel Discussion on this issue. On Sunday, April 29th, go to mass at 9:00am, go downstairs to the Family Life Center, get a donut, and join us for the discussion.  Each of the speakers below will open with a 5 minute talk on the theme listed. They will then answer pre-submitted or live questions.We will have lots of reference materials available for you to learn more. 

Our Panel and their lead off topic
  • Brad Schimel – “Drug abuse really is an epidemic”
  • Fr. Tony – “How drug abuse plays out in a family”
  • Ben Zimmer, recovering addict – “It happened to me” 
  • Patrick Tierney - Pharmacist – “Understanding the medical aspects”
  • Sgt Nate Wright - Pewaukee Police – “Dealing with the problem here in Pewaukee”

Please contact Dennis Petrie at petriedj@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Do you have questions on the signs of drug abuse, what to do about it, or where to get help? Submit specific questions below or submit them in the box in the Gathering Space.