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Peru News

Peru News

Peru Trip January 2018 St. Anthony on the Lake Sister Parish in Peru Physical Therapists

This January several therapists are planning to travel to our sister parish, Santisimo Sacramento in Piura, Peru.   Anyone wishing to make the trip with them are welcome to do so.They depart on January 27, 2018 and return February 6, 2018.    There are many different ways to volunteer by assisting the staff in carrying out their various ministries. If you would like more information contact Maureen in the parish office at michaelsm@stanthony.cc or 262-873-9090.   Gracias!

Nine people will be traveling to our sister parish from October 20 thru 28th   
Watch for photos and updates after.  Those traveling are Fr. Joe Hornacek, Kasia & Ted Janka, Terri May, Maureen Michaels, Rick & Sandi Schueller and Tim Zeller. 

Peru Container:

A huge thank you to all who helped load the Peru Container.  Your help is much appreciated!Peru Container at St. Anthony on the Lake

Padre Joe Visit:

Padre Joe, Veronica (parish nurse) and Gisella (accountant for parish and farm coop) were here at all St. Anthony Masses the weekend of September 9-10.

A Letter from Padre Joe on the Recent Flooding:

Peace Fr. Tony and Maureen,

I would like to thank all of the faithful at St. Anthony's for their powerful prayers and amazing generosity for our people who have been displaced by rain and flooding.  Your donation not only helps us care for the 380 refugees who have been forced out of their homes, but also for the many families whose homes do not have adequate roofing.  Most families can deal with the normal light rains that occur a few times a year, but this phenomenon of prolonged daily downpours was overwhelming.  Even our church filled with water on many occasions.  Though some of our workers are out delivering the family to family food packages from St. Anthony's, most of them are working overtime at our three refugee centers.  This is a time of crisis and the parish staff is giving their all to help those who are displaced and in need.  The patience and trust of those who have lost everything is a great lesson to us all.  Your generous funds are helping us feed and care for these people now, and will also help us rebuild their homes later.  This great compassion, together with your prayers, is helping us carry this trial with faith and hope.  Blessings to all of you.

Padre Joseph Uhen and the staff at Santisimo Sacramento Parish in Piura

Our latest photos:  http://www.santisimo.org/galeria/2017/lluvias/ayudando.php 

Peru Trips:

If you are interested in traveling to Peru with our group in early January please contact Maureen in the parish office for information michaelsm@stanthony.cc.