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Safe Environment

Safe Environment

St. Anthony on the Lake is committed to providing a safe environment for all and participates in the Archdiocesan "Safeguarding All of God's Family" program.  All school, parish, or athletic volunteers who volunteer at St. Anthony’s when children are present are required to attend an awareness session.

April 30th to May 6th, 2017 is Safe Environment Week

How to register:

• Go to www.archmil.org

• Click on the “Events” tab in the upper right corner.

• Scroll through the calendar until you find a “Safe Environment Education” location of your choice and click on it*.

• If you want to attend this session, click on “Online Registration” and follow the prompts**. If not, click the “Back” button and return to the calendar and continue scrolling to find another location.

Notes: * You do NOT have to take this course at St. Anthony on the Lake. You may take it anywhere that is convenient for you. However, if you take the session elsewhere, please do the following:

• Get a certificate that night stating you have attended.

• Please contact our Safe Environment Coordinator for other required paperwork as soon as possible after your training.  If you are asked for a User ID, enter your email address.

If you do not have computer access or have other difficulties, contact Brooke Finnegan, our Safe Environment Coordinator at finneganb@stanthony.cc or (262) 691-1173.