CareerCare is a support ministry of experienced and caring volunteer professionals who provide practical guidance, state of the art tools, and spiritual support to those who are in job transition.

Whether you are unemployed, under-employed, or un-happily employed, the services you need to get your career back on track can be found here. There is no charge for any CareerCare service.

CareerCare Services

The CORE Job Search Workshops: An effective job search is a process, a series of planned steps requiring skills, tools, opportunity, and faith. So, we offer this comprehensive series of 6 skills development modules enabling you to develop a sound job search plan of action.

Offered over three - 2 hour sessions, they provide you with skills enabling you to organize your search, decide what you are going to look for in your next position, identify and document your transferrable skills and capabilities, create effective marketing tools,  research prospective employers, learn how to network and, last, but not least, how to manage a successful interview. 

Additional Supportive Workshops: The CORE Workshops provide you with what and how to prepare for your search. The Resume Review and Practice Interview Workshops give you one-on-one guidance.

Resume Review. You will meet with skilled reviewer who will guide you in the crafting of resumes (yes, more than one) that represent you in the best possible light. By appointment, so we can focus upon your needs.

Practice Interview (Video Recorded). Need practice in this final step of the process?  Unsure how you are perceived? Meet with a skilled interviewer who will create a realistic interview experience, video recorded to allow you to obtain the greatest benefit. You’ll receive a constructive critique, and a copy of the interview for additional study. You’ll be amazed at what you learn!

Coping with unemployment. Is your job search stressing you and your family?

“We’re Unemployed!” Coping With Unemployment as a Couple: In this workshop you will meet with a couple who have deep experience with the process of coping with life changing events and who have found they gained strength and knowledge of one-another. Best attended as a couple, as you’re going through this together.

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