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The Gift of the Mass

Posted by Ann Fons on 5/20/21

I have been thinking a lot about the Mass this month. We asked Family Program families to make a special effort to attend Mass together the first weekend in May, so I enjoyed seeing lots of familiar faces (even behind the masks) at all the Masses on May 1 ... Read More »

April 2021 Updates

Posted by Ann Fons on 4/15/21

April Family Program Sessions: Remember to bring your Post-It Notes Poster with you! April 18 & 19: Green-In Person, & Blue-Virtual April 25 & 26: Blue-In Person, & Green-Virtual

May Family Program Sessions: We gather differently! There are no Virtual Sessions - Green & Blue Sunday & Monday both: Saturday, ... Read More »

God’s Calling – through Mary

Posted by Ann Fons on 12/16/19

This week we experienced and reflected on the stories in the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke, when Mary accepted the call to be the Mother of God, and then visited her cousin Elizabeth. We also learned abou St. Juan Diego and Mary’s appearance to him as Our ... Read More »

God's Call to Serve

Posted by Ann Fons on 11/22/19

We are called to serve others. 

This week we enjoyed one of our favorite activities - packing food boxes for the House of Peace! We were able to fill over 170 boxes this year! Thank you to all the families who participated and to those who helped double check ... Read More »

Encountering God's Call

Posted by Ann Fons on 11/07/19

Encountering God’s Call; Visio Divina and the Saints

This week we had two very different activities for families with children of different ages. Families with young children researched a Saint and created a poster to share with other families.  If you missed the session and would like to create ... Read More »

Listening to God’s Callings at Mass

Posted by Ann Fons on 10/23/19

Have you heard of a Mass journal?  This week two families shared with us the benefits they have experienced from this practice - the Payne family, from our parish, and the Hudson family, as seen on the Dynamic Catholic website. Check out both videos for inspiration!

We also ... Read More »

Listening for God’s Calling Outdoors

Posted by Ann Fons on 10/11/19

This week we went outside to listen for God’s callings!  You can repeat that activity at home with this handout and the activity cards. We also learned a little about St. Francis of Assisi and how he responded to God’s call. 

Our take-home Scripture Card for this week is I Kings 19: ... Read More »

God's Calling - Not Just Once in a Lifetime!

Posted by Ann Fons on 9/25/19

That is our theme for this year, as we explore the notion of calling in the Bible and how that shapes our understanding of the callings in our own lives.  We received a text from God (wink, wink) at the first session. 

What a great way to begin ... Read More »

Covenant Review

Posted by Ann Fons on 2/22/19

At Family Program on February 17 and 18 we reviewed the Biblical Covenants we've already learned about, filling in a 'headline' for each one.  Here is that Covenant Tree sheet!

Parents also told their children the story of God's Covenant with David, and we filled in that covenant on ... Read More »

How do you complete the sentence? Jesus said, 'I am. . . "

Posted by Ann Fons on 3/22/18

In the Gospel of John alone, Jesus says, or is quoted as saying, “I am” 45 times!  Which ending to that statement comes to your mind first?   Here are the 7 most famous endings to that phrase.  Read them as a family and ask, which is most meaningful to ... Read More »