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Advent: Preparing Our Hearts

This week we had a visit from a couple people who wanted to help us prepare for Christmas. Can you guess who?  One was John the Baptist! clq227s9y1f8th1fo5p0suog4xl.jpgHe reminded us that the best way to prepare is to open our hearts to love and to put Christ’s love in action. Families discussed their priorities for Advent and brainstormed ideas for how to prepare.  Some possibilities are: visit an elderly neighbor; send a card to a grandparent; do the dishes when it isn’t your turn; read the Scripture for that day; be nice to someone being ignored at school.  Feel free to share your ideas on this blog!

Families created a garland showing what they have already done, and wrote out ideas for what they could do on additional strips of paper. How is your garland growing? Are you continuing to open your hearts to love and put love in action? If you need more paper you can pick it up in the Faith Formation office. Our Advent prayer card is also available here.

While the children in were classes the parents heard Dr. Doug Meske speak on maintaining healthy family relationships.


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