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All the Ways We've Prayed!

On March 5th & 6th we shared feedback from the Prayer Fair.  You can see that here.  

We also remembered all the ways we've prayed this year.  Enjoy the slideshow again here.

Considering all the ways we've prayed, we wondered how we've grown.  Families discussed and shared their answers to several questions:

# 1. Share something you learned about prayer.  What is a form of prayer that you did not know about before this year?

# 2. What type of prayer helps you feel closer to God?

# 3. What kind of prayer is one you might practice in the future?

# 4. What do you think are the obstacles to a rich life of prayer?

Here are a few of the answers you shared:

"We learned that prayer does not have to be formal.  It can really be whatever you need it to be."

"The labyrinth helps us feel closer to God.  The ins and outs and all the turns remind us to find our way back to God."

"In the future we plan to practice Eucharistic Adoration."

Our favorite feedback from the prayer fair was, "We talked about prayer the whole way home - and that is unusual!"  Let's keep that conversation going.  Share your responses here!

See you at the last Family Program for the year on March 19 or 20.




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