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Building a habit

As we near the end of January those New Years Resolutions often get harder and harder to keep up.  That’s why we devoted another Family Program session to helping families create that habit of reflecting on Scripture together each week.   We completed Week 3 of the Family Challenge.  Can you guess which Scripture story families were reflecting on based on these ‘take-away’ words they sent us?

 Forgiveness. . .  Humble. . . . fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness. . . beloved Son. . .  Son of God. . . . Humanity and Divinity. . . Baptism. . . . Repent. . . This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased. . . He is Jesus. . .

It was the story of the Baptism of Jesus, found in the Gospel of Matthew, and, as one family noted, it is the Bible story in which all three persons of the Trinity are found together. 

How are you doing in building a habit of daily or weekly scripture reading?  Leave a comment letting us know what you have found helpful, what has been hard, and/or what have been the rewards of getting to know Jesus! 

Here are some resources to help you. 

The Family Challenge Handout

The One Percent Challenge Card

Worksheets for younger children to go with weeks 3 and 4 of the Family Challenge.


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