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Covenant Review

At Family Program on February 17 and 18 we reviewed the Biblical Covenants we've already learned about, filling in a 'headline' for each one.  Here is that Covenant Tree sheet!

Parents also told their children the story of God's Covenant with David, and we filled in that covenant on our sheet too. Here are the bullet points of David's story.

We issued a challenge to all in Family Program - staff, parents, children, youth and catechists, to memorize Psalm 23 by our last session.  Here is a link to an old video of a very cute little girl who met that challenge. 


  • RozatoonsPosted on 7/27/19

    Great post!

  • lerielmimiPosted on 5/28/19

    Hello, this might be off topic, but where did you get the Html template for the web site? Thanks.