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God Revealed in Truth, Beauty, Goodness


bbs1c20t720b0euy8s1k5dbei7l.jpgHave you had some fun family nights recently?  Summer is a good time for family nights; even the Green Bay Packers hold one!  This weekend my husband, Jerry and I went to Green Bay and attended Family Night.  It was fun to see the players with their moms and dads, or spouses and children.  Before the event Jerry & I went to Mass at Resurrection Parish in Green Bay.  Bishop Robert Morneau is the pastor there; he’s an old friend of my family.  I always enjoy his books and homilies and this week was no exception.  He often has three simple words that help me remember the point he makes.  This week the words were Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  He remarked that the Feast of the Transfiguration is about a revelation – Jesus’ glory was revealed to the apostles on that mountain.  God is also revealed to us, in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. 

God is revealed in Truth – perhaps in a good book by a religious author such as Ronald Rolheiser.  eo5iw033j6jd7v46thuk03wdskl.png

God is revealed in Beauty – perhaps in a concert or a beautiful flower.  God is revealed in Goodness – perhaps in the work of youth on a mission trip.wpo3alxs9xfkaa1n4y569bteusl.jpg

Here is a question for your next family night:  Where have you seen God revealed – in Truth, Beauty and Goodness?


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