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God's Call to Serve

We are called to serve others. 

This week we enjoyed one of our favorite activities - packing food boxes for the House of Peace! We were able to fill over 170 boxes this year! Thank you to all the families who participated and to those who helped double check and deliver them to the House of Peace. Thank you also, to Fr. Rob who helped us understand all the work they do at Capuchin Community Services, the parent organization for House of Peace.

Find the contents of your family folder on our resources page.

Our take-home Scripture Card for this week is 1 Peter 1:15: “Be holy in all that you do, just as God who called you is holy.”

The discussion questions are: Name some of the ways you were holy this week.  How is that doing God’s work?

For the parents, Fr. Ken Knippel gave a presentation titled Why we do it all – service as an antidote. He noted the importance of a sense of solidarity, the need to strive to go beyond charity to justice, and the key elements to include in our works of service – prayer, listening to stories, and learning from others.

Due to Thanksgiving, our next sessions are December 8 and December 9. Enjoy the Thanksgiving break and the start of Advent on December 1!  


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