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God was Praised!

or15nihnoepk1dvkizophk12lml.jpg2hdfixq73ydrfbzl04tqbo91lol.jpgGod was indeed praised at Family Program during our Prayer Fair!  


What an amazing experience it was to see over 1,000 people of all ages praying and praising God in multiple ways! 9qshrqn2y2yv55r9gnnsxir4mil.jpgOver 35 families prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet or a Rosary of candles;x0mkywyx3vqltr5987rtr0w49tl.JPG i7ug1xkdpuvrxt5du8eo6cvls7l.jpg

many enjoyed a labyrinth prayer walk for the first time;

over 250 people spent time in Eucharistic Adoration; wbdkxvxp8i152or8oczvqcc3oml.jpg

young and old sat silently for centering prayer, emptying themselves to be open to Christ; others brought along mats and pillows to get comfortable while imagining Jesus sitting next to them during guided meditations;2nhxtvtqs2pjmxhlomxc4dixsil.jpgu6oz8pn8uewydskft5yhkrrtbhl.jpgckrpgwi0tu53ti9pzhps6qudmdl.jpg

more than 240 people prayed the Daily Examen for the first time; and the 'work of the people' went on at our Liturgy of the Hours Vespers service.93fyj7vbfir3ye2scuzejt7sz2l.jpg  tq9is7ikdf15icpyr5gwxnar8nl.jpgAt the end of the Prayer Fair, we all gathered together where Ben Wagner helped us praise God in music!  (You can download a few of his songs for free at his website.)ic1z20gepbn2gzjlio9iq1pisdl.jpg

Many thanks go out to the over 3 dozen volunteers who led prayers, set up and cleaned up.  The day would not have been possible without you.

We've put all our handouts, resources, and links for further information on the Prayer Fair webpage.  


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