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I promise. . .

What was the last promise you made?  Were you able to keep it? 

lz2cm9lxlcfbzgdt46f3jxbvobl.jpgThis week at Family Program we learned that the word Testament means covenant.  A covenant is a sacred promise or agreement.  This concept of covenant is one key to unlocking the Scriptures. 

The Old Testament is filled with the stories of God’s relationship with people and his loving promises. Thank you to our actors who helped us learn about God’s covenants with Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham & Sarah, Moses and David.  In the New Testament we find the complete revelation and culmination of God’s covenant relationship with us – Jesus Christ!  Thank you also to our actor who helped us understand this New Covenant. 

Click here for a set of the Covenant Cards  to learn about these covenants.

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