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It's a Challenge!

The questions about the Bible that we answered this week all had to do with how to read the Bible = how to get comfortable with it, where to start, etc.  The best way to read the Bible, and to get comfortable with it, is simply to start reading it on a regular basis.  So, along with our answer we gave families a challenge, and a method to accomplish that challenge.  The challenge is to develop a habit of reflecting on God's Word on a regular basis.  Each family received a Family Challenge Handout and together we completed week one.  You can download the handout here.  We also challenged adults and teens to accept the One Percent Challenge, a program developed by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and Evangelical Catholic.  We have extra One Percent Challenge cards in the office if you want to pick one up.  Read more about the program here.

Family Program is supported in part by our biennial Faith Formation fundraiser, the Mid-winter Gala.  This year the Gala takes place on February 10.  See the Gala page to register and/or support St. Anthony on the Lake Faith Formation!


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