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Paper or online?

This week at Family Program we answered a couple of your questions on the structure and order of the Bible.  As I watched families doing an activity related to this, I noticed one resourceful family on their cell phones.  They had forgotten to bring along the Bible we gave them, but were looking up the different books of the Bible online.  That got me to thinking. . . what are the advantages and disadvantages of a paper copy of the Bible and an online copy.  I can think of a couple advantages for each method – and I do use both methods to read Scripture.  I would also love to hear about your experience!  Please leave a comment letting me know which you like and why. 

Families enjoyed the opportunity for hands on work with the Bible this week.  First, they marked the division between the Old and New Testament with a ribbon, next they marked the major sections of the Old Testament and New Testament with post-its.  Finally, they learned something about at least one section; what it is, what books are included, and some of the key stories, images or people found there. See our Bible Sections bookmarks for information about each section.

To see which of your Bible questions we answered, and the answers to all the questions so far, visit our "You Asked" page.

After the family activity, while the children and youth were in their classes, adults were treated to an inspiring presentation by Dan Burnett, author of I Am CXO, Now What?.  One parent commented, “This is just what I need to be hearing right now.”  Another noted, “This is the way we should be living our lives. We need to shift so that we really live our values.”  Contact Dan with comments or questions at


  • Ann FonsPosted on 10/20/17

    I like to use a paper Bible when I am learning about a particular book, because I find the commentaries at the beginning of each book very helpful.