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Praying with Sacramentals

“Smells and bells,” those are the words often used to describe the sacred objects and actions that we use as Catholics to enhance our prayer life and our liturgies.  This week at Family Program we prayed with twelve different sacramental objects. We learned by experiencing these sacramentals, seeing and touching them while listening to a prayerful description.  Families also received a handout with background information on these sacramental.  Contact me if you would also like a copy of what was read during our activity. vnkl828hj2fj6lc5aacyb1swa0l.JPG

x78nlpdjt5qm8tkjmg26d523c2l.JPGWhat sacramentals do you keep in your home?  Statues, icons, holy water?  What do they mean to you?  Read an article written about this by Dr. Kathie Amidei.

Three speakers for the adult session brought clarity and deeper meaning to the words of Stewardship and Evangelization.  A distinction was made between being a fan and being a friend. Who are you a fan of? Who are you friends with/know personally? Are you a fan or friend of Jesus? 

Alpha is a series of sessions to explore these topics of Christianity.  We are offering it in partnership with Queen of Apostles Parish.  See the Alpha page on our website to view the video and for details and dates about Alpha.

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