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Read with your heart, not just your mind

“Read with your heart, not just your head,” Mary Matestic advised parents at Family Program.  She was speaking about reading the Bible, of course.  Her talk provided a broad overview of Biblical themes and stories, which will help families delve into the Bible this year, but the advice about how to read may be the most important.  In reminding us to read with our hearts, Mary echoed the Catechism.  It says: “Let them remember, however, that prayer should accompany the reading of Sacred Scripture, so that a dialogue takes place between God and man.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2653)

One way to pray before reading the Bible with your family is to listen and sing along to the song we play at the beginning of every Family Program, Word of God Speak, by Mercy Me

As we promised, we’ve posted the PLC & SAH family activity from October 1 and 2 online.  We invite you to complete that activity at home, to learn about the special features of your St. Mary’s Press Bible.  Send your results to us via remind.  Fellowship Hall families, please be sure to bring your take home project back next time. 

Did you miss the video that explained why we chose the Catholic Family Connections Bible for families with children older than grade 6 or 7 and the Catholic Children’s Bible for families whose oldest child is in grade 6 or 7?  Check out these links from St. Mary’s Press for the Catholic Connections Bible and/or the Catholic Children's Bible.

This week in the folder we had the snack schedule, information about the Night of the Rosary this Thursday, and sub sandwich order forms for the next Sunday session, as well as a free copy of Catholic Herald Family.



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