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The greatest and highest act of prayer

Those are the words Pope Benedict XVI used to describe the Mass. He also said that all expressions of prayer
have their center in the Eucharist. Our family activity this week was to take part in the parish teaching Mass! What did you learn at the teaching Mass? Let us know what you found interesting so we can share it with others. One young friend was surprised that in the very early days people used to bring chickens for the gifts at Mass! I find that the more I understand the Mass the more meaningful it is for me.

We also hosted another Parent Café this week. Lisa Metz and Dennis Petrie posed the question “How can you help your child achieve joy and peace in the midst of all the tragedies in the world?” This led to great table conversations and idea sharing. Parents also made a commitment to help their children find the joy and peace to which our faith calls us.

See the newsletter for information about the grade level classes.

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