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This is literally confusing!

One of your questions about the Bible that we answered last week was, “Should the Bible be taken literally?”  (You can find our answer on our You Asked. . .Questions about the Bible webpage.)  This question made me start thinking about the meaning of the word literally.  I looked it up and was surprised to find that Merriam Webster gives two definitions of the word:

1) in a literal sense or manner: actually

2) in effect: virtually

We were thinking of the first definition when we answered the question, but now I see that both those definitions of literally do fit the Bible.  In the Bible we find both: stories and events that actually happened, and deeper truths; in effect, virtually what we need to know for our salvation.

On another note, we are (literally) grateful to all the families who contributed food and participated in packing the Holiday Food boxes for the House of Peace at Family Program on November 19 & 20!  Thank you also to the volunteers who delivered the 166 boxes to the House of Peace.

Here is information that was in the Family folders this week.  There are lots of good things coming up that you may want to check out!

SPARK! Eucharistic Adoration on November 27 at 7:00pm

Mission Trip Meeting on November 28 at 7:00pm

1st Reconciliation Parent/Child Session on November 30 at 6:15pm

Send us your college age students addresses by December 4, so we can send a care package.

ARISE Advent Retreat and Night of Worship at St, Dominic Parish

Advent Morning or Evening of Reflection on December 5


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