Browsing Faith Formation for Middle School

Browsing Faith Formation for Middle School

2020-201 Curriculum Part 2

Posted by Ann Fons on 3/25/21

We are covering Catholic Social Teaching in the second semester this year.

In January, we learned about the Two Feet of Love in Action using a lesson provided by the USCCB – the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. In order to best follow Christ in the path of ... Read More »

Our Curriculum for 2020-2021; Catholic Morality

Posted by Ann Fons on 1/26/21

Whew! I think I can catch up a little today.  The Covid-19 pandemic has meant a whole new range of program and logistics concerns, so I’ve not taken time to update this blog.  Here, at long last, is what’s been happening in our middle school Family Program Classes, along ... Read More »

Another Lesson from My Mother

Posted by Ann Fons on 6/05/20

My mother is 92 years old, but I continue to be astounded at what I can learn from her. Our phone conversation this morning helps me hear God’s calling in this moment of national crisis following the murder of George Floyd. Here’s how our conversation began.

Me: Good morning, ... Read More »

How I learned the word ‘levitate’ – a reflection on the Ascension

Posted by Ann Fons on 5/22/20

How I learned the word ‘levitate’ – a reflection on the Ascension

Fr. Mark was a priest, my uncle, a serious musician and a great jokester.  The times he came to visit and stay with my family stand out in my memory because things were different when he was ... Read More »

Parables in the Gospels

Posted by Ann Fons on 5/07/20

This week our Middle in the Middle zoom was on the parables in the Gospels.  Teams worked together to figure out which ones to depict for one another. As always - points are awarded. We can't wait until we can get together in person to celebrate over those points!

... Read More »

Miracles of Jesus at our Zoom meeting

Posted by Ann Fons on 5/01/20

Middle in the Middle Zoom on April 29 was all about the miracles of Jesus in the Gospels. We split into two teams, and assigned each team 13 miracles.  The task was to find something mentioned in that scripture passage.  Extra points go to Emily for braving the rainstorm ... Read More »

Earth Day!

Posted by Ann Fons on 4/24/20

At our Middle in the Middle Zoom meeting on Wednesday, April 22, we celebrated Earth Day with a Scripture Search challenge. Every citation related to God's wonderful Creation.

We also found objects at home to illustrate quotes by Saints of different eras. 

Finally, the challenge is to go out ... Read More »

Sacramentals Scavenger Hunt thru Zoom!

Posted by Ann Fons on 4/15/20

We're finding fun ways to use Zoom while we stay safely at home during the pandemic.  We had scavenger hunts at the last two Wednesday Zoom Middle in the Middle gatherings.  On April 8 we looked up passages in the Bible (all from the Easter Vigil readings) and found ... Read More »

What we learned at Bible Study

Posted by Ann Fons on 4/06/20

We had the first Zoom Encounter Bible Study on April 4!  It promises to be a really great learning experience for those who are taking part. I encourage other middle school youth to join in - it is not too late and I can help you with what you ... Read More »

Bible Study for Middle Schoolers

Posted by Ann Fons on 4/04/20

Today we begin the Encounter Bible Study for middle school youth! If you have not yet ordered the workbook that is OK - Come to the Zoom meeting anyway! Please contact Ann Fons for the zoom meeting link.

The workbooks can be found by clicking the link below: you ... Read More »