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And They're Off. . .

To another school year!  September is always exciting; it is a time of beginning new activities, meeting new friends, and finding out what new things we will be learning for the school year.  I’m excited for our Family Program classes which begin on September 17 and 18th.  The curriculum for youth in grades 6, 7, & 8 this year is Values, Morality & Catholic Social Teaching.  We start with values; desirable qualities, customs or principals that guide our behavior.  Parents, I need your input as we begin the first class.  Please respond below to the answers to these questions:

What values guide your life?  What values do you hope to instill in your children? 

Please list your top three answers. Some values that come to my mind are kindness, honesty and generosity.  I plan to tabulate your responses and share them with the students at the first class.  If you prefer to email your response directly to me feel free to do so.

We also kick off our year of Middle School Youth Ministry with a Bike Ride and Pizza Party on September 17 at 4:30pm.  


  • Ann FonsPosted on 9/21/17

    There were many more responses that came via email! See all the responses on the Middle School Classes page of the Website.

  • Karla BuilerPosted on 9/18/17

    Faith, honesty, compassion. (I also like integrity)

  • Robin HicksPosted on 9/10/17

    Love, respect, kindness
    (faith, thoughtfulness, compassion, generosity, honesty, and so many more--how to choose only three??-- Must all be rooted in love.)

  • Kathy ParoPosted on 9/07/17

    Faith, Compassion, Generosity