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It is easier to reach your goal using both feet!

This point was clear when we ran a relay race hopping on only one foot in the middle school classes this week.   Statistics on poverty, loneliness, child abuse, Middle School at St. Anthony on the Lakeeducational needs, health care needs, all point to the need for positive change in our society. How do we bring about positive change?  The Church advises us to use Two Feet of Love in Action to bring about the Kingdom of God right here!  The first foot is Charitable Works, the second foot is Social Justice.  

Here is the video we watched to motivate us to do something, and a website full of ideas on what to do!  We held a challenge between the classes this week to see which class could take the most ‘steps’ to bring about positive change in the world.  We’ll share some of the ideas the classes came up, ideas for charitable works and for social justice, in future blog posts. Middle School at St. Anthony on the Lake

Congratulations to Daniel in the 7th grade class – your name was drawn from among all those who completed the Catholic Social Teaching homework.   Stop in to get your pizza gift certificate!



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