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We will continue to lift the prayers in our community book of prayer up during this time of distance.  Feel free to add your virtual prayer intentions here.  Like the book of prayer, intentions will be visible to anyone visiting this page.  Let’s lift each other’s prayers up together.

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  • Eileen A FrieschPosted on 9/21/20

    My Aunt Harriet Augustin died on Sept. 19th. She was my last living aunt. Growing up in Port Washington with 6 of 8 of my mom's family living there, I knew my aunts/uncles and cousins very well as we spent time together. I ask for prayers for my 4 cousins--Jean, Linda, Steve and Debbie as they readjust their lives without a great mom. The funeral Mass will be this Friday, the 25th.

  • Joy SzopinskiPosted on 8/18/20

    Please pray for Mike Schelter, son of parishioner Mary Schelter, who is in a long-term rehab facility and has just tested positive for Covid. Mary herself can use prayers as she has recently moved into assisted living because of dementia.

  • Margie GedeitPosted on 8/05/20

    Please pray for my son in law who has testicular cancer. He will be having surgery on Friday. Please also pray for his wife, my daughter who is 28 week pregnant.
    Please also pray for my mother in law who is in hospice.
    Thank you for your prayers

  • David MorrisPosted on 7/18/20

    For everyone who have impacted in any way by the COVID-19 virus

  • Eric MyersPosted on 6/25/20

    For my cousin, John Harris. He is in a medically induced coma right now after he suffered a cardiac event on Sunday night. He has three kids, a wife and 4 grandchildren. He supports all of them. He is only 55. Please pray for him to recover.

  • Lisa DieboldPosted on 6/12/20

    Prayers for healing and strength for my friend Julie and her family as she continues her fight against colon cancer.

  • RobinPosted on 5/21/20

    Pray for a family member and baby. In labor today.

  • Marty thomasPosted on 5/19/20

    Fr. Ken, God be with you!

  • Jennifer UngerPosted on 5/19/20

    For Fr. Ken and Fr. Tony, we lift them both in prayer at this time!

  • Joy SzopinskiPosted on 5/07/20

    For friend Sue, her daughter Amy and son-in-law Ken, all suffering with COVID-19. Ken is in hospital in critical condition.

  • Robin HicksPosted on 4/30/20

    For my great nephew who was in a bicycling accident yesterday and is in the hospital with significant injuries.

  • PaulaHorningPosted on 4/29/20

    Please pray for my neighbor with Parkinson's who was just diagnosed with COVID19. This same neighbor's son has recently been diagnosed with tongue/throat cancer (advanced stages) in the last 3 weeks - so this family is really hurting and scared. Please pray for them.

  • Mary PerzPosted on 4/28/20

    Prayers for strength and comfort for John and his family as he undergoes surgery for a brain tumor.

  • Joy SzopinskiPosted on 4/28/20

    For the niece of my best friend, whose husband (aged mid-30's) died suddenly of a stroke in the night. As the family mourns him and buries him today without the physical embrace of community, she (Amelia) also deals with the discovery that he left her heavily in debt, likely causing her to lose her home and farm as well in the near future.

  • Sue BaierPosted on 4/19/20

    For my mother-in-law, Ann Baier, who passed away last week and was buried yesterday.

  • Debbie RedmondPosted on 4/19/20

    Praying for the repose of the soul of Patricia Eyler, my aunt who passed on Tuesday from cancer. Comfort for her loved ones who must face her loss distanced from those who share their grief.

  • Mary PerzPosted on 4/10/20

    Prayers and condolences for Tami and Dave Mottet for the loss of Tami's mother, Rosemary Rieber this week.

  • Jay DieboldPosted on 4/10/20

    Please pray for healing and strength for Julie Langseth and her family as Julie battles advanced cancer disease.

  • Jay DieboldPosted on 4/10/20

    Please pray for healing and strength for Julie Langseth and her family as Julie battles advanced cancer disease.

  • Tami MottetPosted on 4/10/20

    For my mother, Rosemary Rieber who passed away Wednesday, April 8th at the age of 94. A wonderful mother and faith filled women who taught myself and my 6 siblings what a Christian example looks and acts like. Our hearts are broken but she is dancing in Heaven. Pray for us as we struggle with not being able to have a proper Catholic funeral for her.