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We will continue to lift the prayers in our community book of prayer up during this time of distance.  Feel free to add your virtual prayer intentions here.  Like the book of prayer, intentions will be visible to anyone visiting this page.  Let’s lift each other’s prayers up together.

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  • Jansi vipinPosted on 6/17/22

     Dear brother/sister,
        Please pray for my daughter 6 yrs old who is suffering from cold and cough and his left teeth in front side is growing inside the gum.please pray for my husband who is having severe cough and cold.please pray to our lord to heal them.
    Please pray that my mother and father should be love and kind to each other and my brother also lovable towards them.please pray for my husband who is always angry with me and never speak anything while he return from office.I feel very lonely not to share anything with him suddenly getting angry.please pray to god to give his loving heart to him.
    Please pray that i attend second round interview in a college and waiting for a call from them.please pray to lord to open a door for me.we are facing alot of financial problems as well.

  • Roseann SternerPosted on 5/22/22

    46 year old son, diagnosed with Parkinsons

  • RTPosted on 12/06/21

    please pray for immediate healing of my daughter DM that all the acne, bumps, redness will be gone and cleared now from her face and will stop negatively effecting her life, confidence and relationships, especially with peers and J. Pray that DM and J who were guided back together but now are apart and struggling again, will remain close and communicate with each other daily while working out their relationship issues so that their love and attraction and faithfulness for each other, schools, priorities, families, friends, career paths, emotions and circumstances will support and restore their relationship again and bring them closer for a happy future together . Pray that J continues to think about DM, doing everything he can to keep them together and matures, as he promised DM and starts being more communicative, making DM feel loved and a priority and that J goes to a small lower division school so J will be near DM, have time for her, not be tempted by others and his ego. Thank you for bringing SF into DM’s life when she was alone and needed a friend the most and pray that their friendship continues to grow and they continue to support and care for each other, always including each other, enjoy being together and continue being each other’s best friends . Pray also DM’s circle of friends grows with friends in Jesus’ likeness - kind, friendly, outgoing, inclusive, similar in values, positive attitude and happy into DM’s life now and for DM to be confident and courageous in growing all her friendships to have happy memorable relationships and experiences. Please pray that DM does not have to use or need any type of medication for anxiety. Please guide DM to use her God-given gifts of speed, athleticism, body muscles to her fullest potential now. Please pray That through miracles and situations, DM truly is happy with her face cleared and mentally, physically, and emotionally happy with herself and relationships now.

  • David MorrisPosted on 8/29/21

    For my Aunt Lorraine that she may have a safe passage up to her creator

  • David P CarrollPosted on 5/18/21

    Everyone Who's Suffering.

    Lord Jesus Christ
    Our heavenly Father you bless us day and night
    And you protect us every day in life and
    May the power of the Holy Spirit
    Enlighten us every day and I'll give thanks today
    And forgive us for all our sins and I promise you
    I'll love and pray for everyone who's suffering
    From Coronavirus every day Lord Jesus Christ
    Here my prayer

  • Lori WilliamsPosted on 5/02/21

    Please pray for our son Thomas who was diagnosed with leukemia on 4/7/21. Please pray for a full recovery, remission, and strength for the journey for all of us.

    Thank you-
    The Williams Family

  • MatteoPosted on 4/29/21

    Chiedo, cortesemente, la Vostra preghiera per alcune coppie di sposi in difficoltà: Andrea e Marialuisa, Alessandro e Luisa, Tommaso e Valentina, Federico e Claudia.
    Dio ve ne renda merito. Grazie di cuore, Matteo

  • stePosted on 4/15/21

    Thank you Lord. I Trust in You. Strengthen my relationship with M and make our love stronger. Only You can. Amen

  • Marilyn St. MartinPosted on 3/18/21

    Please pray for my husband Tim St. Martin who has pancreatic cancer. We ask that God gives him strength and to keep a positive attitude.

  • Cecilia LangPosted on 1/30/21

    Prayers for the Kneafsey family as Michael, their loved one battles brain surgery and starts his cancer journey.

  • Pat FreischmidtPosted on 1/14/21

    Please pray for my sister and brother-in-law, Joan and Jim Judziewicz, who both have Covid and are in their late 70s.
    Thank you!

  • David MorrisPosted on 1/10/21

    For Father John Yockey

  • Eileen A FrieschPosted on 9/21/20

    My Aunt Harriet Augustin died on Sept. 19th. She was my last living aunt. Growing up in Port Washington with 6 of 8 of my mom's family living there, I knew my aunts/uncles and cousins very well as we spent time together. I ask for prayers for my 4 cousins--Jean, Linda, Steve and Debbie as they readjust their lives without a great mom. The funeral Mass will be this Friday, the 25th.

  • Joy SzopinskiPosted on 8/18/20

    Please pray for Mike Schelter, son of parishioner Mary Schelter, who is in a long-term rehab facility and has just tested positive for Covid. Mary herself can use prayers as she has recently moved into assisted living because of dementia.

  • Margie GedeitPosted on 8/05/20

    Please pray for my son in law who has testicular cancer. He will be having surgery on Friday. Please also pray for his wife, my daughter who is 28 week pregnant.
    Please also pray for my mother in law who is in hospice.
    Thank you for your prayers

  • David MorrisPosted on 7/18/20

    For everyone who have impacted in any way by the COVID-19 virus

  • Eric MyersPosted on 6/25/20

    For my cousin, John Harris. He is in a medically induced coma right now after he suffered a cardiac event on Sunday night. He has three kids, a wife and 4 grandchildren. He supports all of them. He is only 55. Please pray for him to recover.

  • Lisa DieboldPosted on 6/12/20

    Prayers for healing and strength for my friend Julie and her family as she continues her fight against colon cancer.

  • RobinPosted on 5/21/20

    Pray for a family member and baby. In labor today.

  • Marty thomasPosted on 5/19/20

    Fr. Ken, God be with you!