Browsing the March 2017 archive of Reflections

Browsing the March 2017 archive of Reflections

Succession Plan...Pastoral Council/Standing Committee/Trustee Nominations

Posted by Anthony Zimmer on 3/14/17

As many of you know, every year at this time, our parish conducts its annual process of bringing new members to our Pastoral Council and our Standing Committees. This year we will be looking for four new members to replace the vacancies that have opened up. In the past our parish ... Read More »

Sacred Struggle

Posted by Laurie Polkus on 3/07/17

The Lord works in wondrous ways. While searching for the piano accompaniment for a song last Advent, I stumbled upon a song in our hymnal titled “Gracious God.” The text intrigued me, the melody was lovely and written in a key that seemed very congregationally friendly, but it was ... Read More »