Browsing the October 2018 archive of Reflections

Browsing the October 2018 archive of Reflections

A Letter to Catholics in Wisconsin on Faithful Citizenship

Posted by St. Anthony on the Lake Parish on 10/25/18

Please use this link to view resources from the Wisconsin Catholic Conference regarding Faithful Citizenship:


Greetings from St. Anthony on the Lake School

Posted by Ellen Knippel on 10/25/18

Why Remain Catholic?

Posted by Anthony Zimmer on 10/16/18

The other day, I received a rather sad email from a frustrated and disenchanted parishioner, stating that she would be removing her child from our family program. Because of the latest round of scandals striking our church, she wrote that she could no longer in good conscience, remain a Catholic.

I felt her pain. I heard her anger. I sensed her disappointment. And after I responded and deleted her message, I thought to myself: “She’s not alone…” There are many, including myself who may be wondering whether they should remain in the Catholic Church.  I totally get that… the outrage is warranted. In the aftermath of the Cardinal McCarrick abuse crisis, the Pennsylvania grand jury report, and the recent report from Archbishop Vigano, we have all been devasted by the horrific suffering of these many victims and their families, and we’re all wondering what to do ... Read More »

Financial Contributions and Tax Law Changes

Posted by Arthur Scheuber on 10/04/18

I normally wait till December to pass on information about financial contributions, however with the tax law changes we are receiving several questions as parishioners work with their financial advisors. 

Here are some of the basics of the tax law changes:

Standard deductions Those who are married and filing ... Read More »