Browsing the December 2018 archive of Reflections

Browsing the December 2018 archive of Reflections

Rejoice in the Lord Always - Philippians 4:4

Posted by Ellen Knippel on 12/19/18

Gaudete Sunday Rejoice!

Can you think of the best day of your life? Was it getting your driver’s license? Your dream job? Your wedding day? The birth of a child? Imagine, once again the feeling of joy that day brought you. Is there no greater feeling? Today, the scriptures ... Read More »

Advent Wonder

Posted by Kathie Amidei on 12/06/18

If asked about our mission in faith formation, I would summarize it as: “To teach about God and God’s Church, so we come to know and love God and God’s Church” Recently, we have been exploring how valuable learning to “wonder” is, in that process.

The theologian Karl Barth ... Read More »

Living the Covenant - Advent 2018

Posted by St. Anthony on the Lake Parish on 12/06/18

“Deepen our relationship with the Spirit of the Living God and strengthen our relationships with one another.”

“Be a grateful people, appreciating all the blessings we have received and generously committing ourselves and our resources where there is need.”

“Learn and grow as a family of believers through continuing ... Read More »