Browsing the February 2019 archive of Reflections

Browsing the February 2019 archive of Reflections

Thinking About Lent Yet?

Posted by Kathie Amidei on 2/27/19

From the Pastoral Associate...

Lent will soon be upon us! Many of us consider Lent a perfect time to deepen our commitment to faith and our relationship with God. We have two unique opportunities here at the parish that might be a perfect for you! Take 5 for Lent

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From the Pastor's Desk

Posted by Anthony Zimmer on 2/20/19

Every year around this time, I take my annual Winter vacation… 2 weeks in sunny, warm Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I have been doing this for 30 years now. Guess I’m a creature of habit… But before I “get out of Dodge,” I wanted to provide a few updates about ... Read More »

Greetings from Catholic School’s Week 2019!

Posted by Ellen Knippel on 2/16/19

Unfortunately, we had some crazy weather and we needed to cancel a few of our activities and reschedule others. However, our Open House was a success! Our Middle School students were still able to celebrate Mass with Archbishop Listecki and Science day was quite an experience. Our final activity ... Read More »

Gratitude and Trust: A Way of Life

Posted by Ben Brzeski on 2/06/19

Back in November, I used this column to introduce our annual stewardship renewal under the same title, Gratitude and Trust: A Way of Life. As I wrote then, being a steward is a whole life commitment, rooted in our decision to follow Jesus’ example. Every action we take that ... Read More »