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From the Director of Music and Liturgy

Oct 19, 2017

Laurie Polkus, Director of Music and Liturgy St. Anthony on the LakeRecently, I joined a group of Music Ministry leaders from the Milwaukee Archdiocese to attend an Institute held at the Lutheran School of Theology near the campus of the University of Chicago, sponsored by GIA (Gregorian Institute of America).

The focus of the three day event was to help Music Ministers grow musically, as well as explore ways to inspire worship and expand their formation.

Speakers included internationally renowned speakers Fr. Richard Fragomeni, Dr. James Jordan, Marty Haugen, Michael Kemp, James Abbington, and musical performances by Eric Whitacre, and Jeanne Cotter with Tony Alonso, who will be joining us here at St. Anthony for our Parish Mission during Lent of 2018.

A quote, from an associate of Dr. James Jordan’s, caused me to stop and ponder: “If our being is right, our doing will take care of itself.”

Dr. Jordan has published over 30 books on the art of choral directing and the care of the musician.

He emphasized that if we do not take care of ourselves by taking the time for silence, centering and awareness, then we cannot possibly conduct effectively and create art that can lead people to God. He believes in the power of metaphor in artistry, and views conductors as “prisms.” They take in the light of their ensemble and refract it, sending out new beautiful light of many colors. While there is much to be learned about breath control and proper production of sound, there is more to be gained in becoming vulnerable and opening ourselves up to trust one another and thus produce something far more beautiful than we could on our own. We have to take care of our “beings.”

Good advice for musicians…and pretty much everyone else in the world from every walk of life!

Our gospel acclamation today reminds us: “Shine like lights in the world as you hold on to the word of life.”

What kind of light will you take the time to take in and refract today?

Does your lens need polishing?

Take care of your “being” so your “doing” is right!