The Catholic Comeback - Frequently Asked Questions


What gathered ministry is currently taking place? 

Archbishop Listecki has issued guidelines for a Catholic Comeback in southeastern Wisconsin.  We continue to follow those directives in our planning and operations. A complete matrix of these guidelines can be found HERE.

Our standard weekend Mass schedule is in place, with in-person Eucharistic celebrations.  Significant adaptations have been made to assure the safest possible experience for all.  For more on that, see our return to Mass video below.  We continue to make in-person ministry opportunities available as we are able to safely do so. 



What safety protocols are in place for Mass?

  • The worship aid for this weekend’s liturgies is available here. Please download and print copies for your household as needed, whether for in-person worship or for participation at home; Plan to arrive early.

  • A number of our necessary adaptations will add time to your entry to the facilities, so arriving early will help immensely.  The video above details these adaptations – please take a few moments to view it.

  • Remember to bring your own mask and hand sanitizer for your own safety and the safety of others. In accordance with the Phase II directives in the Archdiocesan Catholic Comeback Matrix, "Face coverings must be worn in compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order or other municipal orders. Priests, Deacons and Eucharistic Ministers should wear face coverings when distributing communion." We do have extra face masks on hand.

  • We are limited in the number of people who can be present in the Church. For this reason, we have ample overflow spaces where the liturgy can be viewed with distribution of the Eucharist. Please follow the guidance of our ushers and hospitality ministers who are volunteering their efforts to help make for a safe experience for all.

  • Offertory baskets will not be passed during the liturgy but will be present in the walkways as you enter.  We deeply appreciate the many households who continue to support the mission and ministries of our parish family through electronic giving.  

  • Bulletins are available at the exits from our ushers, and we continue to publish our bulletin online here.

  • As noted in the video, we are exiting the church directly into the parking lot through the dark brown doors at the front Northeast wall of church. This allows for sanitizing to begin and for the orderly entrance of attendees for the next Mass. 

  • Please note that we need time to clean and sanitize pews between Masses. Thank you for your patience and flexibility!


I heard that Archbishop Listecki's Sunday Obligation dispensation expired. What should I do?

On August 26th, Archbishop Listecki announced that his dispensation of the Sunday Obligation to attend Mass would expire on September 14th.  His announcement, along with guidance from Fr. Tony are available here


How do I watch the Sunday live stream Mass? 

All you need to watch our live stream is a device that has access to the internet!  We use Vimeo to post our various video offerings and you can subscribe to us at to be able to access our videos easily.  Our Sunday Liturgy is streamed live to Facebook and our website at 5:00pm on Saturday evenings and is available for later viewing. 


How can I make my weekly offering? 

A number of options are available to you and we are grateful to the many parishioners who continue to make use of these options. 

If you are not ready or able to attend Mass in person:

  • You can mail your envelope to the parish office with a check;

  • You can make a secure online credit card donation via WeShare HERE;

  • You can set up an automatic withdrawal via electronic funds transfer (EFT) by contacting Shannon Dakovich in our parish office at 262-691-1173.


Can I attend Daily Mass? 

  • Daily Mass is taking place five days a week.

  • Fr. Tony Zimmer has the Monday, Wednesday and Friday Masses.  Please see our latest bulletin to see who will have the Tuesday and Thursday Masses.

  • We are observing the same safety protocols for Daily Mass that have been in place for the weekend liturgies.

  • We have posted links to Daily Mass video options for those praying from home on our Online Mass page.


What is the status of our facilities? How can I interact with the Parish Office if I have questions? 

Our building is cleaner than ever and the Parish Office is open from 8:30am - 3:30 Monday through Friday. 


I am seeking the sacrament of reconciliation. How can I arrange confession with a priest? 

  •  Individual Reconciliation has returned to its normal schedule of 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays in the Reconciliation Room. 

  • We are observing the same safety protocols as have been in place for our weekend liturgies. 


Can I still come to pray in Church? 

The Church is open on Monday - Friday for Daily Mass and Eucharistic Adoration (see details below).  You are welcome to come and pray during this time.  While we believe God can hear our prayers from anywhere, we understand the importance of having a safe sanctuary or refuge available for quiet meditation and we will work to make more opportunities available as we are able to safely do so. 


Is Eucharistic Adoration Available? 

  • The Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the Memorial Chapel immediately following Daily Mass and will remain exposed until 2:00pm Tuesday - Friday.

  • To accommodate necessary social distancing protocols, the Adoration Chapel remains closed until further notice. 


Can I have my baby baptized while virus restrictions are in place?  

Yes! Please contact Kathy Paro to make arrangements.  As per current Archdiocesan guidelines, all Baptisms will take place outside of Mass.


Whom should I call if a loved one dies? Are we allowed to have a Funeral Mass? 

All funeral arrangements continue to be made through our parish office: 262-691-1173.  Funeral Masses are allowed with social distancing protocols. Please see our Funeral page for more information.


I would like to donate food or material goods for Pewaukee Food Pantry or the St. Hyacinth Food Pantry. How can I do this?  

You are welcome to leave donations for these organizations, but please be aware that safety guidelines require us to leave those donations untouched for three days before distributing them.  Donations dropped off during weekend liturgies will be distributed later in the week.


How can I make arrangements for a wedding?

Restrictions are in place for weddings.  For more information, please contact Debbie Klimko to make arrangements. 


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