Deacon Talk

myyh5o9fljng8qexbxe84sivdql.JPGThere was lots of positive feedback about the Teaching Mass. Some people have suggested we do other sessions about different aspects of the Church…..

So, how about joining Deacon Mike Finley and Deacon Dennis Petrie on Sunday, May 21 after either the 7:30 or 9am masses for Deacon Talk?

In these Deacon Talk sessions, our goal will be to share some basic information about the diaconate and, most importantly, to answer questions you may have about deacons.  

There will be several ways for you to submit questions you have about deacons before the session, one of which is to fill out the form below.  We will try to answer the pre-submitted questions as part of the session.  We will also allow some time for you to ask questions right at the session and see if you can “Stump the deacon”.

Just to prime the pump, here are a few things we will discuss…..

  • The deacon’s primary call is the service in charity and justice, as well as proclaiming, teaching and evangelizing the Gospel through his life.
  • Deacons can be married, so you see the Catholic church does have married clergy.
  • Deacons can administer the Sacraments of Baptism and Matrimony. 
  • Deacons cannot absolve sin, so they are not able to hear confessions or anoint the sick.
  • The formal way to address a deacon is not “Father”, but, “Reverend Mr”.  Truth be told, we like it when you call us Mike or Dennis.  You can make it Deacon Mike or Deacon Dennis if you wish.

So whether you would just like to know more about deacons, or if you think you might be called to become one, please join Deacon Mike and I on May 21 in Meeting Rooms F&G. That’s a Donut Sunday, so you can get your Donut and then be part of the conversation.

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