End of Day Change Form

Please carefully read the instructions on this page to ensure that your child's end of day plans will be communicated

  • Use this form only for changes to your child's transportation at the end of the school day.  If it's after 1:00 pm, you must CALL the school office at (262) 691-0460.

  • If your child will be leaving school early, please CALL the school office.  Do not fill out a form or send an email.

  •  Fill out the online form below or use our printable End of Day Change Form.

  • If your child is getting off at a different stop, a hard copy notice must be given to the bus driver.

  • Children who are not bussers are not allowed to take the bus with someone who takes the bus. Students can only get off at another stop of the same bus company. For example, if you take Riteway, you can get off at a different Riteway stop.

  • If it is after 1:00pm or 10:15am on early release days, you must call the school office.

  • To avoid parking issues, we ask that no students be picked up between 2:00 & 2:30pm.

Online Form: Please submit one form for each child.