Faculty and Resource Specialist


Each faculty member at St. Anthony on the Lake is licensed through the Department of Public Instruction. In addition to our Principal and classroom teachers, St. Anthony on the Lake employs teachers for Physical Education, Spanish, Art, Music, and Band. Our 3K, 4K, and Kindergarten classrooms all have teacher's aides & we employ a floating elementary aide. 

Additionally, our staff includes IT Specialists, Resource Specialists, and Extended Day Care Supervisors. 

Learning Resource Specialist

It is the role of the Resource Specialist to offer remediation or enrichment to those students in need of further instruction. Remediation and enrichment are both provided in the classroom, through small group instruction, and/or on an individual basis.

Through data gathered in Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and classroom testing, students are placed into quarterly "What I Need" (WIN) groups. These groups were designed in an effort to move all students forward toward their individual reading and math goals. Our Resource Specialist aides in instruction of all 5K-5th grade students during the school-wide WIN block as well as aiding in instructing 6th-8th grade students during the middle school resource block.

Additionally, our Resource Specialist assists in screening students for various educational needs and refers students for further testing when needed. She leads the process on setting up Education Action Plans for students with differentiated learning needs. Education Action Plans could include modified curriculum, modified instructional strategies, and/or modified testing accommodations.

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