Fr. Tony's October 5th Letter

October 5, 2021

Dear friends and colleagues in Christ,

I am writing to regretfully inform you that late last night, October 4th, I was notified by the Summit Clinic in Delafield, that I tested positive for Covid. I started to feel symptoms Sunday afternoon… high temperature, body aches, headache, fatigue, and congestion. The next day I went to be tested. As I awaited the results, my symptoms worsened… body temp of 101.5, extreme congestion and fatigue, and loss of taste and smell. With a positive test result, there are a number of next steps that need to be taken. Namely:

  • I need to be quarantined for 10 days from the start of my symptoms. As of today, I am planning to return to the parish/office on Wednesday, October 13th.

  • For the sake of slowing any potential spread, I need to notify any close contacts, beginning with 2 days before my symptoms began to show. Thus, if you had any personal and PROLONGED contact with me between Friday, October 1st and Monday, October 4th, and you have NOT been vaccinated, the Waukesha County Health Department strongly encourages you to be tested. I would suggest the Summit Clinic in Delafield in the strip mall near the Burger King off of Hwy 83. The test was covered by insurance and the results came in less than 10 hours.

  • I am asking all staff, when away from their personal workspace, to wear a mask at this time. We are also requiring all visitors to our offices to wear a mask.

  • I will be notifying all my personal appointments and meetings to cancel and reschedule.

  • We are working diligently to find coverage for any sacramental needs… Masses, baptisms, funerals, and anointings. With Fr. Ted Lawson on vacation until October 12th, Fr. Ken Knippel’s limited availability, the overall shortage of clergy, and last-minute availability of priests, this is no small task. We may have to have Communion Services or even cancel. Your understanding and cooperation are most appreciated!

  • We have set up this space where we will post any up-to-the-minute changes in the sacramental schedule. 

  • I ask also that if you have any questions or concerns regarding covid and your need to be tested or not, please contact the Waukesha County Health Division at 262-896-8430. (Open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) Please refrain from inundating our front office with misdirected phone calls.

  • For a reminder of the covid protocols here at St. Anthony’s please see our “Catholic Comeback FAQ page on the parish web site:

I want you to know that as of today, I am feeling better… no temperature, less fatigue and congestion. Please keep me and all those who have tested positive, those who are hospitalized, those who are caring for them, and all those who have died, and mourn their loss in your prayers. For now, I will be taking this time to rest and recuperate – I am confident that with the support and cooperation of all of you, our dedicated staff, our following of the covid protocols/recommendations, and the healing grace of God, that “all shall be well.” In the meantime, stay safe, be well, and carry on.


Fr. Tony Zimmer