G9 - Gold in September

Gold In September - Raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer research.

Our 2016 Gold in September Mass was tearful and inspiring. Thank you to Jamie Hansen for so beautifully giving us insight into Eli's journey, their reliance on God and prayer in this difficult time, and gratitude for the many things people do as service to others that make a huge difference and let people know they care. Fr. Tony blessed the Hansen family and the parents of Anna Snopek, who is also battling cancer right now.

This was a living testimony of the Gospel, where we are called to follow Jesus in good times and in bad.

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Gold In September

St. Anthony on the Lake participated in the following events as part of our annual participation in the Gold in September G9 Project:

Penny Wars

G9 Penny Wars is a week-long event that creates friendly competition between grade levels, classrooms, clubs and/or school sports teams in order to raise funds for a good cause. 

The object is to accumulate as many points as possible for the grade, classroom, club or team by adding and subtracting the value of coins and dollar bills. Students put their own pennies in a container belonging to their grade/team. One point is awarded for every penny in the container. Points are subtracted when students put silver coins or dollar bills into the containers of other classes. A nickel reduces the points by 5, a dime by 10, a dollar by 100, etc. The class with the most overall points at the end of G9 Penny Wars is the winner and will receive a special dress down day and ice cream treat! 

Well Wishes for Eli

Students made cards sending well wishes and healing to Eli Hansen, a fellow St. Anthony parishioner currently fighting a courageous battle with neuroblastoma. Please visit the Eli's Super Squad Facebook page to learn more about Eli's battle. Quilt Tying

9/14/16 - Blanket Tying and Mission Wear Day

Students will tied cozy fleece blankets (2 per grade) and prayed together for children affected by cancer. The blankets were blessed at our G9 Mass on 9/21 and donated to Children's Hospital. 

Dress Down Day

Students could bring in a dollar – or any other financial donation- for our G9 cause and wear appropriate non-uniform clothing.

9/21/16 - G9 Mass

Our annual G9 Mass was celebrated at 7:45am. Guest speaker was Jamie Hansen, Eli's brave and faith-filled mother. Jamie gave us a glimpse into how cancer has affected their family and how they are coping with the challenges they have been faced with. Our parish and school community presented the Hansens with the cards from our school children as well as a basket of comfort items for the entire family.

Children were invited to wear gold tops with uniform bottoms and all attending Mass were encouraged to wear gold to show support for those battling pediatric cancer.

Following Mass, we gathered for a balloon release and prayers for those affected by cancer in all forms. 

As part of our balloon release ceremony following the Gold in September Mass, we read special intentions for those affected by cancer. c4vrubleqmc351t1i8gsat4g4fl.jpg

We inspired the world to #growGOLD for childhood cancer.