God's Plan. Your Story.

At St. Anthony on Lake, we believe our stories and the stories of others remind us that God calls people of all ages and stages and in all aspects of our daily lives. God's Plan. Your Story.

God's Plan, What's Your Story Podcast St. Anthony on the Lake

What is Calling?

  • We believe every human being has a calling, whether they acknowledge it or not.
  • We believe our callings in life are a dynamic response to who we are, how we live, and what we give our lives to. (Kathleen Cahalan, Calling All Years Good)
  • We believe that our response to callings throughout life is our participation in God’s activity in the world today, and that God sustains creation through the living out of our calling.
  • We believe callings are discerned through relationships—God calls us through each other and our calling is for each other.
  • We believe callings are lifelong. They evolve over time. They are multiple and changing over a lifetime.
  • We believe our callings are for all life—family, church, community, world; and not only what we do in our work life.
  • We believe our callings are created, animated, and made holy by God’s spirit which is active in our lives through the blessing of our diverse gifts.
  • We believe people discover their calling and experience their calling in diverse ways based on their life situation and context; and that factors such as poverty, violence, and discrimination have an impact.
  • We believe God brings life out of struggle, darkness, and brokenness; and that the faith community has a special role to support and encourage people during these times.
  • We believe living a calling is transformational for the person and for the world.