Just Faith: Want to Talk?

Ask yourself these questions...

Just Faith: Want to Talk

Do you long to have real connections with family, friends and others even when you disagree about important topics?

Do you long to have real conversations about important topics including those with whom you disagree?

Have you had a conversation that you wish had gone differently; one where you said too much or too little?

Are you tired of deja vu dialogues in which you have the same conversation with the same people repeatedly?

Have you walked away from a conversation thinking, “Nothing is going to change, here.”?

Are you afraid that if you really speak your mind you will lose friends?

Do you want to create a more peaceful and just place to live?

If your answer is "yes" to one or more of the above questions, join the Our Faith in Action team. We’ll pray together, learn and practice skills to deepen our relationships while staying true to our values. Watch for future Sessions.  

Questions?  Please contact Robin Gleason at [email protected].


  • St. Anthony on the Lake 


  • Watch for Future Sessions

Program Fee

  •  $50.00 payable by check to St. Anthony on the Lake or by Credit Card via mySAL. The fees cover the cost of your personal copies of the books and the Participation Guide. You will also have access to the guide online. 


  • Watch for Future Dates

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