Marriage Enrichment Ministry

zn88gtjoo1g7k45n6qh39xxqu9l.pngSupporting the lifelong journey of love and faith in marriage.

St. Anthony on the Lake believes in affirming the sacredness of marriage with our faith community.  We also recognize the stress daily life places on this bond.  Though the year, the Marriage Enrichment ministry offers opportunities for all engaged and married couples to enrich their relationship.  A variety of programs provide the setting for couples to spend time together learning, communicating and socializing. 

For more information on events or to get involved in the ministry, please contact the parish office.

Looking for a break from the norm during this time at home?  Check out Communio’s free Date Night kit for couples!  The Kit includes all the tools you need to have a romantic date night in:Virtual Date Night

  • Dinner and dessert recipes for two

  • Practical ideas for parents to keep their kids busy

  • Fun conversation topics to discuss while they cook

  • A 40-minute comedy special with Jason Earls

For more information or contact the please contact the parish office.