Middle School Family Program Classes

Grades 6 through 8 share one curriculum at Family Program. 

This is our parish Religious Education or Catechetical Program for youth in grades 6 - 8. Our curriculum for these grades rotates on a three year cycle.  This year, our topic is Scripture!  The 2018-2019 syllabus is available here.  Questions?  Please contact Ann Fons at [email protected] or 262-691-9170. 

We are grateful to those who give of their time to share their faith and enthusiasm for Scripture with the youth at our Family Program classes!  See the Catechist list to know who to thank for teaching your child!

After each class, a brief summary of our activity and ideas for parents to continue the learning at home will be posted on the middle school blog.  We invite you to use this as a resource and join us in conversation there.  You can also see some of the topics we covered last year on the blog!

Bible Books Resources by Week

September 23 & 24

October 7 & 8

October 21 & 22

November 4 & 5

November 18 & 19

January 6 & 7

January 20 & 21

February 17 & 18

March 3 & 4