Upcoming Faith Formation Events

“Near & Far: How Do We Stay Connected?”

Join this interactive ZOOM video call for kids and parents as we discuss what it is like to be near to and far from those we love the most, including our God.  We’ll have time to share what we are experiencing and learn valuable tips for staying connected during this time. 


“Hope is a Muscle”

  • With Mike Patin and Dr. Kathie Amidei

  • Wednesday, July 15th from 7:30 - 8:15pm

  • Livestreamed on FB and Our Website

In this interactive convo-flect-ation (conversation/reflection/presentation) we’ll start with a brief yet honest look at the logistics, emotions, and "things we're missing" REALITIES that are a part of life these days.  Next we’ll look at how critical our PERSPECTIVE is.  Finally, we’ll center in on the idea that HOPE IS A MUSCLE and how we can “flex” it moving forward.