Selling Mission Trip Shares

Mission Trip SharesWe are looking forward to you being part of the mission trip team that shares faith and serves in the name of St. Anthony on the Lake Parish!

Shares are a way for you to help offset the costs of the mission trips. The fees that participants pay do not cover the entire cost of the trips, so shares help to make up the difference while keeping the cost a bit lower for participants.

Shares are opportunities for friends, family, and members of our parish to support our mission trip participants. Anyone can purchase a share for $20. In addition to a little ‘shine on your halo,’ shareholders will receive a postcard from us on the trip, an invitation to our ‘Share the Experience’ gathering, and our gratitude and prayers.

Those who purchase a share will be invited to the gathering, which follows the 9:00 am Mass on July 30 in Fellowship Hall. Light refreshments will be provided and teens who participate on the mission trips will share what they did, what they learned, and their thanks with the shareholders.

Shares can be picked up in the parish office, or you can print your own here

Here is a sample conversation you can have when selling shares.

Please sign up to join us on May 6 and 7 before and after Mass to sell shares. If you have any questions, please contact Taylor Baar at [email protected] or Maureen Michaels at [email protected].