Our Mission: LIVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ. COMMIT to worship and lifelong faith formation. SERVE others in need.



“Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Amen”  (From the Rite of Confirmation)


The following are the components of our Confirmation preparation program for high school youth:

Attendance in one of the following: Family Program OR Catholic High School.

Attendance at the Wednesday Large Group Sessions: Make-up sessions will be scheduled if necessary. Social time is from 6:30 to 6:45, classes start promptly at 6:45 pm until 8:15pm.

Attendance at Retreats- All students are expected to attend a retreat each year of our 3-year program; anyone unable to attend must participate in a similar retreat with another parish.

Meet Service Requirements – At least 10 documented hours during each year of our 3-year program totaling 30 hours by the end of their junior year.  Fill our your Service Reflection Form here.
Attend weekly Mass Celebrations- Regular attendance at Sunday Mass is a part of our Catholic Faith Tradition and our belief.

**Note: Preparation usually takes place during grades 9, 10 & 11. Youth who miss part of any of the above components will need to make up what they missed. This means they may need to be confirmed as a 12th grader.

Please contact Cindi Petre at petrec@stanthony.cc or (262) 691-9170 X1112 for more information.