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Strategic Plan & Covenant

Strategic Plan & Covenant

Share Your Input as We Develop A Parish Covenant!  

As we enter a new century of parish life, God’s faithfulness remains unchanging. God’s enduring promise that “You will be my people and I will be your God,” has not changed. Our call is to continue responding faithfully to that invitation.

In planning for the future, we are examining that notion of fidelity, a faithfulness to something deep, relational, and transforming.  We are reflecting on what it means to be in a covenantal relationship.  One way we are doing this is through the development of a “parish covenant,” a shared statement of how we intend to live in fidelity to our God, to our parish’s mission, with one another, and with the world beyond our doors. Will you be a part of this process? 


This January we held two covenant conversations.  You had the opportunity to share your thoughts and to hear from fellow parishioners on how we can further live out our mission in covenant with our God and with one another! 2018-2023 Strategic Objectives - St. Anthony on the Lake

Click Here to listen to Fr. Tony's invitation to join the conversation. 

An article on Covenant and Transformation - Click to read this article.

  • Written by Maureen Gallagher in February 2018
  • Lists six desires that surfaced during our covenant conversations
You can also share your thoughts directly below.  Thank you for sharing your input!
Your Parish Covenant Development Team:

Joe Schroeder / Cheryl Oliva / Dave Grunwaldt  / Bob Bluhm / Ben Brzeski  / Maureen Gallagher / Fr. Tony Zimmer / Patty Meehan

In an Ideal World: