We are proud of the testimonials we have received about St. Anthony on the Lake:

St. Anthony on the Lake SchoolParent Testimonials

"Our daughter began her education at St. Anthony on the Lake last year in the new 3K class and she has thrived. In a few brief months, we saw the impact this faith-filled and dedicated team of educators are making in her development.
Somewhere along the way, her 3-month-old brother took ill with a fever and we found ourselves receiving notes and prayer cards from teachers and a number of fellow parents asked us how he was doing. In the end, it was just a simple 24-hour fever, but it struck us that this kind of care, sincere concern, and authentic community is so incredibly special and a perfect illustration of the kind of school we've become a part of. We are so deeply grateful!"   ~The Brzeski Family
"We are fortunate to live in a great public school district, but we've chosen to invest in Catholic education for our children because we want them to be in an environment where they are immersed, encouraged, and supported in their faith day in and day out. We like that there is not a separation for them of their faith life and their school life. Their faith is woven into everything they do, at home and at school. We are so grateful for the friends we have made here, the opportunities our children have to serve the community, the top-notch teachers, and all of the extra-curricular activities available. St. Anthony on the Lake has been such a blessing to our family!"   ~The Staebler FamilySt. Anthony on the Lake School
"St. Anthony on the Lake School has become a second home to our family. Quality education, combined with the development of strong Catholic faith, were the key things that attracted our family to this school. What we didn't expect to experience was the unique, strong sense of community from the moment we walked through the door. The community feel is something that truly sets St. Anthony on the Lake School apart from the other area schools. The school experience extends well beyond the excellent academic program. The commitment and dedication that the teachers and staff demonstrate daily in teaching our children to "Learn, Live, Commit, and Serve" are helping to shape our kids into thoughtful, kind, well-rounded people, which is so important during these formative years. We love that we are able to view the school as a partner and asset in raising our young family."  ~The Schweikert Family
"We both attended Catholic schools K-12 and greatly value the Catholic educational experience. We love how the parish and school at St. Anthony on the Lake work seamlessly together to incorporate these beliefs into faith formation programs in the parish as well as into the school curriculum. This truly is a 'Living Church,' helping our family and children continually grow in our faith. Since joining St. Anthony, the older students have gone out of their way to make our son feel welcomed at the school, veteran parents have guided us and made our family feel part of the school community, and the parish has gone out of their way to make us feel like we truly found our 'home'. Our youngest son is already filled with excitement to attend St. Anthony some day because of his interactions with other children at parish events and through watching his older brother genuinely enjoy his school experience. St. Anthony on the Lake has been an incredible blessing to our family."    ~The McGaver FamilySt. Anthony on the Lake School
"We first chose St. Anthony on the Lake to educate our children because it felt right. We toured St. Anthony and our district's public school. While the public school had and has strong academics and many extracurricular opportunities, it does not allow for our children to live their faith every day. Our kids are free to speak about God and their faith, and that is important to us. Our oldest son felt comfortable at SAL and the public school was foreign to him. Our parish was a safe place, and we had already begun to establish relationships with families. Since making the choice to send our children to St. Anthony on the Lake School, we have built on those relationships and consider the school community our extended family.
Our family chooses SAL, year after year for many reasons: strong academics, a teaching staff that is willing to meet children where they are at in learning, an environment that fosters making good choices, and of course the strong sense of community that brought us here. The academic bar is set high at SAL. Our sons were well prepared for high school and able to take many to all accelerated classes their Freshman year. Our academic testing has allowed our teachers and resource specialists to teach to the level of individual children so they can succeed. Our children were and are encouraged to be their personal best academically and morally. SAL is a warm and inviting place that is open to the opinions of families; each family matters. All of this contributes to why we are committed to continuing to make St. Anthony on the Lake Catholic School our home."  ~The Kopulos Family

A Google Review:

"We are so grateful for St. Anthony on the Lake School! It is a welcoming community of parents and teachers. Wonderful, caring staff; excellent academic program with tons of opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular activities; top notch technology & resources; reasonable class sizes; faith-based learning. We truly could not ask for a better school for our children!" 

Student Testimonials

"I like St. Anthony School because I have good friends here. I love free choice time in class and my teacher is super nice. I get to go to church with my buddy class (8th grade) every week!"  ~Sam, 1st
"I like Fr. Tony. He is a good priest. He taught me that I have the Super Power of prayer."  ~Harrison, 1stSt. Anthony on the Lake School
"I like going to St. Anthony's because it's a Catholic school and it's fun learning about God throughout the day. It's the best school because we have awesome teachers and I really like my class and my friends. Mrs. Hofbauer makes the day fun, we like to play games to learn about math and science and our projects are fun. My favorite part of the day is spending it with my friends and my teachers. I like to play outside because we all play together. My favorite subject is math and spelling. We work together to help one another so at the end of the day we don't have homework. We have lots of fun days too! Once we got to wear our pajamas to school and watch Polar Express. Another day we got to put on a play talking about Jesus and how he was born. I am happy that my sister and brother go to St. Anthony too. This way when we have something fun at school, we all get to be a part of it!"  ~Bella, 3rd 
"I love spending time with our buddy class, using iPads, and doing projects in class."  ~Caleb, 4th
"I am glad my mom chose to send me to SAL because it is a place where God is all the time. We can pray in class every day and God is with us. Some kids can't do that in other schools. I also like that we know all the students in the school and that it is a smaller size." ~Sawyer, 5th
"I'm glad my family sends me to St. Anthony School because I really enjoy the friendships I've made since Kindergarten. I enjoy all the sports, scouting events, and all of the other school activities. I like that the teachers are always available to help when needed. They help me do my best!"  ~Leah, 8th 
"I feel closer to God here. The teachers are always available to help me and I have great friends."   ~Reese, 8th St. Anthony on the Lake School
"My education at St. Anthony on the Lake is something I would never trade for the world. I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and to this day I speak highly of my time at St. A. and how grateful I am to have spent a full 9 years there. I attribute the fact that I am able to keep up with the unceasing demands of college not because of the skills I learned in high school, but of those that I grew up learning at St. Anthony on the Lake. In my time at St. Anthony, I was nurtured and challenged in equal measure. As a grade schooler, I struggled with reading and made quite a few mistakes, because to be honest, school did not come naturally to me at first. But, I never felt bad about it. As I moved on to middle school, I grew as a reader, a writer, and a thinker. I attribute my academic successes today to the strong foundation of an education I received early on, which more than prepared me for the jump to a big public high school, Kettle Moraine. The rigorous curriculum taught by supportive, down-to-earth teachers ingrained in me not only strong academic and study skills, but also how to be a compassionate person. At St. Anthony, I learned about how to truly care about others in a completely selfless way, a quality that is becoming increasingly hard to foster in a material world.  At St. Anthony School, I felt safe, but was aware of what lay beyond the constraints of my own privileged life, thanks to the countless service opportunities I partook in from grade school through middle school. These opportunities continued beyond my time as a student there, through mission trips to South Dakota and West Virginia with my confirmation group. Even after I had graduated, I kept coming back, to sing in the young women's choir and lead retreats. Because being a student at St. Anthony School made me realize my potential to do good, and I just wanted to keep acting on that. St. Anthony has been there for me through each stage in my life and has made me proud to call myself a Catholic and truly understand what it means to live like one, through word and example. It is a place that will forever be my home and one that has made a truly lasting impression on me. I wish there were some way I could thank everyone who impacted me all at once, and who continue to be a part of my life today. I could not imagine my life without all the love, lessons, and experiences St. Anthony School gave me."  ~Natalie, SAL Graduate