St. Anthony on the Lake SchoolWe are proud of the testimonials we have received about St. Anthony on the Lake:

"St. Anthony on the Lake School has become a second home to our family. Quality education, combined with the development of strong Catholic faith, were the key things that attracted our family to this school. What we didn't expect to experience was the unique, strong sense of community from the moment we walked through the door. The community feel is something that truly sets St. Anthony on the Lake School apart from the other area schools. The school experience extends well beyond the excellent academic program. The commitment and dedication that the teachers and staff demonstrate daily in teaching our children to "Learn, Live, Commit, and Serve" are helping to shape our kids into thoughtful, kind, well-rounded people, which is so important during these formative years. We love that we are able to view the school as a partner and asset in raising our young family." 
~The Schweikert Family

St. Anthony on the Lake School

“St. Anthony on the Lake prepared me for the challenges that I would encounter in high school. My experiences in writing and English helped ease the academic challenges faced at Catholic Memorial.”
~Andrew Stemo, Class of 2023

 “St. Anthony helped to give me daily routines based in faith which helped me feel more confident entering one of the largest high schools in the area. I had many opportunities in academics, religion, and co-curricular activities and feel these have given me experiences to help build my character and view of the world. Academically, learning higher writing and math skills at St. Anthony has repeatedly proven to be an asset to my high school requirements.”
~Josey Moseler, Class of 2023

St. Anthony on the Lake prepared me very well for Marquette University High School. Academically, SAL challenged and developed my skills in every area, including math, reading, writing and science. The faith based education I received at SAL continues to be an important part of my life at MUHS. The transition from grade school to high school was very smooth. I have had a lot of success at MUHS so far.
~Hayes Packee, Class of 2023