Signature Event - February 15th, 2020

From the hearts of Fr. Tony Zimmer, Mrs. Ellen Knippel and Dr. Kathie AmideiCome Together

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are so grateful for the amazing support, from so many, for our first annual Signature Event, “Come Together.” It was a smashing success! It exceeded all expectations by consolidating efforts to support our children, teens and for the good of our whole community!
At 474 participants, we had a record number of attendees! The décor was beautiful, the food was delicious, the “Profiles in Faith” awards recognition to Eileen Campbell and Amanda Maaser was moving, Mike Patin was inspiring, American English rocked the house. Although we are still closing the books, it is clear that we have successfully met our budgeted goal for the night!
Many thanks go to our hard-working team of leaders! Our co-chairs, Dave Grunwaldt and Lindsay Schweikert, devoted countless hours to planning, organizing, and creating this memorable event. We are incredibly
grateful to their wonderful committee who unselfishly gave consistently for the past year to move us from good to great! Many, many thanks, to all who contributed in any way to the success of this fund/friend-raiser. It truly enabled all of us to “come together” as one faith family-to remember, to give thanks, and to celebrate!

Why was it so important that we “come together” in an unprecedented event of solidarity for our St. Anthony on the Lake community? Because we have a deep dedication to the primary mission to live, seek, commit and serve in the name of Jesus, our true leader. We do this together, not as silos, but in unity as one community who shares our joys, sorrows, challenges and gifts. This is what makes us an authentic, vibrant and sustainable family of faith.

Thank you to our wonderful St. Anthony on the Lake family that began 100 years ago as a small lake community wanting to praise God in worship. We hope we are continuing to steward the gifts our good God bestows on us, as we strive to be a community sharing and living faith as our priority.  Check out more photos of the event here!

With grateful hearts,

Fr. Tony, Ellen, KathieCome Together Raffle Winners!