Calendar Raffle

Help support our students traveling to Washington, DC! This is the “sole” fundraiser that all 5-8 grade classes will be participating in for their Washington, DC, trip. The purchaser could win $25 to $500 – or more! 

It works like this: For every raffle you buy (no limit), your name is put into the bucket for a drawing. EVERY DAY there will be a drawing, and that person will win between $25-$500, depending on the day. That name then goes back into the bucket for the next drawing! The first drawing is October l.

The raffle sells for $20 each. That gets the recipient into a daily drawing for an entire year where they can win $25 - $500 (more than once!). The calendar will run October 1st thru September 30th. 

We will be selling tickets after Mass September 12th & 13th and September 26th & 27th or stop into the school office to pick one up, or find a family that has a child in 5th – 8th grade. 

Additional calendars are sold in the school office.

Check this week’s bulletin for the most recent Calendar Raffle winners!

Please email Ellen Knippel with any concerns, questions, and/or feedback you have.