Calendar Raffle

Help support our students traveling to Washington, DC! This is the “sole” fundraiser that all 5-8 grade classes will be participating in for their Washington, DC, trip. The purchaser could win $25 to $500 – or more! 

It works like this: For every raffle you buy (no limit), your name is put into the bucket for a drawing. EVERY DAY there will be a drawing, and that person will win between $25-$500, depending on the day. That name then goes back into the bucket for the next drawing! The first drawing is October l.

The raffle sells for $20 each. That gets the recipient into a daily drawing for an entire year where they can win $25 - $500 (more than once!). The calendar will run October 1st thru September 30th. 

Additional calendars are sold in the school office.

Check this week’s bulletin for the most recent Calendar Raffle winners!

Watch for information regarding our 2020-2021 raffle. Please email Ellen Knippel with any concerns, questions, and/or feedback you have.