Family Program

St. Anthony’s award winning Family Program is offered either Sunday morning or Monday evening twice a month mid-September through March for families with children in grades K3 through 12.

We're sad that the last Family Program of our 25th year was cancelled, but the staff have created a virtual program for families to enjoy at home. Enjoy this short video and please send in your video answers! You can email them to Ann Fons.

This program is expected for families with children in public schools, but is also open to families with children in Catholic schools.  There are two day/time options for this program.  At least one parent/adult attends with the children.  There is childcare available and classes for children ages 3, 4 & 5, as well as grades 1 – 11.  All younger children are encouraged to come with their family.  Families are also welcome to register and bring siblings enrolled in Catholic Schools.  Each program includes grade level classes, a presentation for adults, and a family learning activity. Faith Formation programs are sponsored in part from our Signature Event.
2020-2021 Registration
2020-2021 Family Program Dates
A current list of everything you Need-to-Know by grade level can be found here!

ke0ez9rp69eg4lxiuiafphid5wl.jpgSunday Morning Family Program:

Families attend Saturday 5:00pm, Sunday 7:30am or 9:00am Mass   
Families meet for fellowship at 10:00am
The program ends at 12:00noon.

Monday Family Program:

Families attend any weekend Mass
Families gather for a light supper at 5:30pm before the program
The program ends at 7:30pm

La Petite Program

La Petite Family Program is a faith formation program ideal for young families! La Petite Program includes classes for 3K to Grade 3, and childcare. Families with children in third grade or younger are encouraged to enroll in this program.

Family Program Blog 

Information for the current year is available here.  You can also find archives of past Family Program years here.

Resources and Forms

Find all Faith Formation resources and forms here.

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