If you have any questions regarding Scrip, please contact Mary Milovic at [email protected]. (formerly and Paper Scrip Orders should be submitted by 9:00AM Monday. Orders submitted by this time will be filled by Friday of that week.


Ways to Order Scrip
1)  Use this technology to purchase Scrip electronically from your home computer or your Android or Apple device. The first step is to Create a Free Family Account. All families are asked to create a free Family Account in the RaiseRight website as soon as possible. This will enable us to keep track of your family's Scrip credit earnings in one system, regardless of how you purchase Scrip. Please contact the Scrip Coordinators to receive the St. Anthony Scrip Enrollment Code. For more information on how to use and its features, reference one of the following: 
        a) Shop with Scrip Start Up Guide
b) RaiseRight Tutorial
2)  Paper-based Scrip Order Form Use this form to place your Scrip order. Print this form, fill it out, and send with cash or check made payable to St. Anthony Scrip in your family's Scrip envelope to school by Monday morning at 9:00AM. Orders received will be filled by Friday of the same week (4 days later).
3)  Scrip Standing Order Form Use this form to establish a standing order, where you determine what Scrip you want to purchase on a regular basis (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly). Print this form, fill it out, and send with cash or check made payable to St. Anthony Scrip in the your family's Scrip envelope. The Scrip Coordinators will send you a reminder when your next order is due and when payment is received your order is filled.
4)  After Weekend and School Masses: Scrip volunteers are available after most weekend and school Masses to sell Scrip (physical cards). 

Additional Scrip Information and Resources
  • Scrip Information Letter - An introduction to the St. Anthony Scrip Fundraising Program
  • Scrip Program Agreement -  An agreement that captures your signature which confirms your understanding of the Scrip Program and its terms and limitations, including your decisions regarding how to receive your purchased Scrip. If this Agreement is not received by December 31, any rebates earned by your family will be automatically donated to St. Anthony School.
  • Scrip Program Agreement FAQs - A list of questions and answers regarding the Scrip Program Agreement
  • 10 Ways To Use Scrip
Frequently Asked Questions About Scrip
Q. What is St. Anthony Scrip Program?
A. The St. Anthony Scrip Program is a year-round fundraiser for St. Anthony School and participating parish ministries. The School Committee uses Scrip proceeds to purchase text books, mission shirts, pay for field trips, and more!
Q. How does St. Anthony’s school make money from the scrip program?
A. St. Anthony’s purchase certificates (scrip) at a discount and keep the difference between the face value of the certificate and the discounted price. For example, a parishioner purchases from St. Anthony’s $100 worth of scrip redeemable at Pick ‘n Save. St. Anthony’s school is charged only $96 and thus, makes $4 from the sale.
Q. What makes this form of fund raising unique?
A. Purchasers of scrip bear no out-of-pocket cost to help St. Anthony on the Lake. Scrip purchasers are not asked to buy anything they wouldn’t buy anyway and exercise complete control over when and where they shop. Remember, you receive an allotment of scrip equaling the full face value of your purchase redeemable at the store of your choice.
Q. How can I buy scrip to benefit St. Anthony on the Lake?
A.   Easy. There are several ways to purchase scrip. Purchase scrip online from the RaiseRight website. First, create your free Family Account. You can order Physical Cards, ScripNow eCards, and Reloadable Scrip cards. Another way to purchase scrip is at any weekend Mass, school Mass, or during certain school functions such as concerts. Create a Scrip Standing Order where you decide what you need and how frequently. Your Standing Order will be automatically sent to you for review and payment based on the timeframe you select. Finally, you can access the Scrip Order Form at any time from the school website, print it, and send it into school with payment on Monday mornings. Scrip will be returned to you by Friday. 
Q. Are certificates still available after masses?
A. A great number of certificates will be available after all masses. These certificates are available on a first come first served basis. Orders will also be taken for certificates that are not available.
Q. Is scrip replaceable if it is lost or stolen?
A. No. In this sense scrip is like cash. Additionally, you do need to remember some certificates have an expiration date, which is never less than 30 days. Please check this date on the face of the certificate.
Any more questions, please email [email protected].