Welcome to the St. Anthony Scrip Program

Scrip is the easiest way to raise money for St. Anthony on the Lake AND is a key part of our fundraising activities. The money raised through SCRIP in 2023-2024 will be used to support our Teachers and Staff of St. Anthony on the Lake.

How does SCRIP work?

You buy either a physical gift card or e-gift card at face value. For each purchase, both you and St. Anthony earns money back. Earnings vary based on the rebate percentage offered by that merchant. See example below:

How Does Scrip Work?

In the example above, 50% of the $14 earned goes back to the school and the other 50% is distributed at your discretion to one of the following:

  • Credited to your family’s (or another family’s) tuition in the following academic year

  • Donated to St. Anthony’s on the Lake School

  • Donated to St. Anthony’s on the Lake Choir

  • Paid to you as a cash rebate (2023-2024 rebate will be paid in July 2024)

 How do I purchase SCRIP?

There are three ways to purchase SCRIP.

  • RaiseRight App: The easiest way to purchase SCRIP is via the RaiseRight App. The RaiseRight App offers gift cards from over 750+ merchants. After downloading the app, enter St. Anthony’s enrollment code and follow the directions to get started. You can also purchase gift cards using the following website: Please contact [email protected] for the enrollment code.

  • SCRIP-To-Go Order Form: You may purchase existing inventory of physical gift cards using the SCRIP-To-Go Order Form. Complete the order form and submit to the School Office for processing.

  • After weekend masses: Scrip volunteers are available after most weekend to sell Scrip (physical cards). 

Additional SCRIP Information and Resources:

If you have any questions about the Scrip program, please contact us at the [email protected]. Thank you again for supporting our school!